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The Village of Nemeton

The village of Nemeton lies at the tip of Solonor Isle; it is the settlement closest to the mainland—adventurers, thus, often stay here.
The Village of Nemeton

The village of Nemeton lies at the tip of Solonor Isle; it is the settlement closest to the mainland—adventurers, thus, often stay here.

  • Ruler: Bailiff Vilutar Vasara on behalf of Maalin Lempinen, Seneschal of the Skeleton Coast
  • Government: Feudal overlord
  • Population: 187 (158 humans, 13 half-orcs, 7 half-elves, 6 dwarves, 3 elves)
  • Alignments: N, LN, NG
  • Languages: Common
  • Resources & Industry: Fishing

In many people’s minds, the village and citadel of Nemeton are one and the same. The ancient citadel at Nemeton stands atop Eagle Rock, while the village straggles about and along its base. Set along but one street, imaginatively called the Street, the village survives only because of the high be-gated wall warding the head of St Cuthbert's Crossing.

The folk of Nemeton are hardy frontier folk, and life at Nemeton is hard. Always the forces of darkness and chaos press in on this narrow and constricted enclave of civilisation. The occasional raids of the humanoids dwelling in the Wilderlands keep the defenders alert, but no serious attempt to breach Water Gate has been launched in decades. In contrast, the pirates of the Picaroon Peninsula avoid Nemeton. The citadel boasts a formidable array of catapults and ballistae, rendering a waterborne assault far too costly for the pirates to seriously contemplate.

Trade & Industry

First and foremost, Nemeton is a fishing village. Settling and farming the mainland is seen as far too dangerous—the fecund humanoids dwelling in the interior would set upon and destroy all but the most heavily fortified settlements. Similarly, limited opportunities for large-scale farming exist on Solonor Island.

The businesses in Nemeton mainly exist to support the nearby citadel and to service the needs of adventuresome individuals visiting the island. Such businesses endure cyclical fortunes; during the winter months, few adventurers visit Nemeton—the weather is too harsh—and thus, their sources of revenue all but dry up. In spring and summer, however, explorers and adventurers are a common sight at Nemeton, and business is good.

Law & Order

Crime is rare at Nemeton, and justice is swift and brutal. Folk living on the frontier need each other, and incarceration is a luxury the village cannot afford. Most crimes are punishable by fine, exile, mutilation or death. Nemeton mains a small watch of a half-dozen folk led by the bailiff, Vilutar Vasara. Any serious problem—a riot, rampaging monster, murder and the like—results in the elements of the citadel’s garrison aiding the watch to restore order.

Notable Locations at a Glance

Most of Nemeton comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

Cartography by Tommi Salama
  1. St. Cuthbert’s Crossing: Solonor is a tidal island. Twice daily, at low tide, St. Cuthbert’s Crossing connects the island to the mainland.
  2. Water Gate: Water Gate’s formidable defences ward Nemeton from attacks coming from the mainland. No serious attempt has been made to breach this gate in decades.
  3. Nemeton Harbour: Too shallow for oceangoing vessels, Nemeton Harbour primarily exists to shelter the village's small fishing fleet from inclement weather.
  4. The Street: Nemeton has but one street of note, which is (unimaginatively) called the Street.
  5. The Silverleaf: Own by the retired elven adventurer, Baelvain Silverleaf, this tavern caters to adventurers, mercenaries and other types who chafe at boredom and safety, as well as the citadel’s garrison.
  6. Chapel of Arms: Dedicated to Kalron (N hero-god of battle, martial skill and heroic struggle), this small semi-fortified chapel is rarely visited by the villagers.
  7. Trader Kaleva’s: Trader Kaleva’s caters mainly to adventurers, hunters, travellers and others who spend time beyond Water Gate.
  8. Arms & Armour: Here dwells Morsun Torevin, the dwarven weaponsmith and armourer, and his apprentices. On this lonely scrap of the frontier, there is always work for Morsun.
  9. Cottages for Rent: Some adventurous types or other visitors to the frontier desire privacy or peace and quiet. Such folk often rent one of these cottages.
  10. The Wishing Tree: This elder oak is a shrine to Behron (N lesser god of travel), and many weary folk shelter under its wide canopy or make offerings here for a safe journey. The elderly priest, Taavi Auvo, tends the shrine.
  11. The Citadel at Nemeton: Formidable and imposing, the citadel at Nemeton perches atop Eagle Rock, a weathered, spray-slick chunk of rock jutting up from the Bitter Sea.

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This location is part of my design for Citadel on the Wilderlands. Citadel on the Wilderlands is my love letter to B2 Keep on the Borderlands and B5 Horror on the Hill. I'm writing 500 words every weekday for a year.