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You Break It, We Fix It

I won’t bore you with the tremendously manly and heroic events

Decent customer service seems vanishingly rare these days, as do clear and simple terms and conditions. That’s why I’m delighted to report that Leatherman has both (in abundance).

(If you weren’t in the know, Leatherman makes a wide variety of excellent multi-tools, all backed by a 25-year guarantee.)

I won’t bore you with the tremendously manly and heroic events that led to me contacting Leatherman, but I recently broke the pliers on my Leatherman Charge. Leatherman has a simple guarantee: You Break It, We Fix It.

With that in mind, I contacted their UK representatives—thinking it couldn’t be that easy—and explained my problem. Within two days, I had a reply. They can’t fix my pliers, so they’ll send me a whole new multitool when they receive my damaged one. Given that my Leatherman Charge is 16 years old, that’s incredible. I didn’t have to dig out my receipt, explain in great detail what happened, fill out voluminous forms or do anything else particularly onerous. I just had to send them my old tool, and they’ll send me a new one.


I can think of several companies that could learn from this excellent level of customer service (and simple, easy-to-understand guarantee). Shockingly, if you are considering buying a multi-tool, I highly recommend Leatherman.