Creighton lives on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and he is not planning to voyage far.

What's a Gameatory?

A gameatory is like a laboratory, but for games.

The Gameatory is a place I can tinker with, and pontificate about, games away from Raging Swan Press. Herein you'll discover my thoughts and notes on professional game and adventure design, my own campaign and more. I'll talk about design, the business of running a publishing company, share writing tips, talk about the tools I use and more. I'll also be debuting first drafts of Duchy of Ashlar material as they oozes forth from my keyboard.

More About the Gameatory

I like simple. You'll note the Gameatory is simple. It's also uncluttered.

I want to spend less time obsessing over asthetics and more time writing useful content.

You won't see any adverts or affiliate links. You won't see amazing special effects or an incredible layout.

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About Monographs

Monographs are defined as "A scholarly piece of writing of essay or book length on a specific, often limited subject." I'm being optimistic. And some of my essays will be quite short. Still, as Mark Twain said, "I apologize for such a long letter - I didn't have time to write a short one."

More About Creighton

I am the Publisher of Useful Items at Raging Swan Press. I've been writing adventures and supplements since 1999 and been publishing my own books since March 2010.

Creighton lives in Torquay, England where, apparently, the palm trees are plastic and the weather is warm. He shares a ramshackle old mansion with his two children (“Genghis” and “Khan”) and his patient wife. Famed for his unending love affair with booze and pizza he is an enduring GREYHAWK fan.

An Ennie Award winning designer (Madness At Gardmore Abbey) Creighton has worked with companies such as Expeditious Retreat Press, Paizo and Wizards of the Coast. He believes in the Open Gaming License and is dedicated to making his games as fun and easy to enjoy as possible for all participants.