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I've Decided to Design a Module

I’ve decided to write a module. My design scribbling and plotting have begun.
I've Decided to Design a Module

I’ve been in a work slump recently, and late last week I realised why. The day-to-day development of Raging Swan Press products goes well. I finished two large development tasks last week which has made my plate considerably emptier. However, I haven’t designed anything substantial for the last few weeks. I’ve also been feeling a bit low for a variety of reasons recently and I think having something fun to work on will do wonders for my mood.

I started my initial design “doodles” on Friday. I picked a Dyson Logos map, printed it and started scribbling notes. (Obviously, with a Blackwing pencil).

My "Forbidden Scribbles"

I enjoy this part of the design process. It’s freeform. I simply note down anything that occurs to me.

I’ve also designed a module logo because the name of the adventure popped into my head while I was free-forming.

This project’s primary goal is to have fun. While I will release the adventure through Raging Swan Press the main point of this exercise is to enjoy it.

Even though I’m planning to have fun that doesn’t mean I don’t have targets. I’ll be doing 1,000 words a day. It’s not a big dungeon so I doubt the first draft will take more than a week or so.

If this works, and it is fun, I’ll tackle something bigger next time.


Do you want updates on my progress? Want to get a look at my design process? Let me know, in the Gameatory Slack channel.