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First Look: Ebbur Cave

Foul things dwell in the darkness of Ebbur Cave.
First Look: Ebbur Cave

The pre-eminent destination for adventurers based on Solonor Island, the horrors lurking in the Ebbur Cave loom large in local folklore and legend.

Named for the Ebbur River's black waters, which flow from its vast mouth, the Ebbur Cave is immense; for much of its five-mile length, it is around 600 feet high and 450 feet wide. Three gigantic sinkholes pierce the Ebbur Cave's ceiling. Small forests—pockets of fecund life amid the darkness—grow on the piles of rubble under the sinkholes, fed by the light and water streaming in from the world above.

Foul things dwell in the darkness of Ebbur Cave. Tribes of evil humanoids—orcs, goblins, hobgoblins and more—driven from the lands above dwell in the cave. Each tribe jealously guards their home—normally a small complex of side passageways and caves. Sometimes the tribes coexist in an uneasy peace, while at other times, the red tide of war ebbs and flows through the cave.

The tribes known to inhabit the Ebbur Cave include:

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