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AtD 045: The Beginning of the End

They were trapped. Doomed.
AtD 045: The Beginning of the End

With the troglodytes slain and their treasures claimed, the party explored the labyrinth’s last unknown reaches. In one cave, they found a foul, tentacled beast akin to a gigantic slug—a carrion crawler—and slew it.

Sadly, however, after a short while, they exhausted the labyrinth’s possibilities. It seemed there was no way out but through the dragon’s lair. They were trapped. Doomed.

With nothing to do now but to rest and prepare for the final battle, the heroes returned to the river and set up a permanent camp. Here they rested, reflected on their experiences and generally prepared themselves. For three weeks, they lingered by the river. Eventually, though, all preparations that could be made were made.

Tomorrow, they would face the dragon.