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EoD 027: The Ironwolf's Treasures

Several of the group were badly burnt
EoD 027: The Ironwolf's Treasures

Fire blasted forth once again from the demon carving surmounting the door to the Ironwolf's secret treasure. Several of the group were badly burnt, but the heroes still managed to slay the giant skeletal-snake-thing that stopped them claiming the Ironwolf's treasure. However, as the thing was destroyed, another creature of living fire appeared in the corridor.

This final guardian proved difficult to slay. The heroes focused their waning might upon the flaming thing. Helmia was badly injured in the ensuing fight—burnt almost to death—and Jalt also suffered bad burns. But, in the end, the fire creature was destroyed by one of Syllana's well-placed arrows.

With this final guardian slain, the party cautiously advanced into the treasure vault. Their resources were at a low ebb, and none of them wanted to get into another fight or set off another trap. Stor did his best to disarm the magic trap by tying the mouth shut and—after exhaustive searching—the heroes retrieved the Ironwolf's remaining treasures. It was obvious that more treasure had once lain here, but the Ironwolf's fortunes had waned in later years, and the pickings were slim. For all that, though, the heroes recovered much coinage, some gems, a magical sword and other odds and ends.

Exhausted by their doings, the group rested overnight in the bandit's ruined tower before returning to Dulwich the next day on the 10th.

They had much to do in Dulwich. Over the next few days the characters collected the reward due to them for capturing the Bandit Queen, Polumya managed to get Lion's and Theoden's corpses temporarily interred in the receiving crypt below the Lawgiver's Hall and the group generally relaxed, shared out their loot and re-equipped and resupplied. Varis—intrigued by rumours of rats at a new tavern—the Ozloc & Dragon—visited the place but was rebuffed by the owner, who seemed only interested in wealthy, paying customers and denied there being any rat infestation at the tavern. Baffled, Varis returned to the party, and the group met again in the Dancing Bear. Shawn was keen to return his son's body to Barrowhurst, and the party fell to discussing their next move…

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