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MoN 063: The End

Something terrible had happened outside.

The group cautiously advanced into the darkness of the underground city. Examining the floor, they could make out the footsteps of many people coming and going along this hitherto secret part of the city. Undeterred, they pushed on. Somehow, they sensed things were moving quickly towards a conclusion. 

Eventually, after a few hours of cautious movement—staying out of the main passage as much as possible they reached the sinister trapdoor with its strange lid, which had held so much terror for them during their first foray into the city. Here, the passageway narrowed, and Kirk feared an ambush. He sent Lee, one of his hirelings, back to the trucks to fetch a flare gun so they could light their way and see what awaited them in the darkness.

Two hours later, Lee returned without the flare gun but with bad news. Something terrible had happened outside. All of the party’s trucks had been crushed, and there was no sign of Orson. Escape now seemed all but impossible. There was but one way: forward.

Improvising and throwing a flare, Kirk discovered that no obvious danger lurked beyond the trapdoor. The group advanced to a crossroads. To the west lay the city; to the north, a wide passageway—its dust untrod for untold ages—sloped down to an even deeper, unknown place.

Curious, the party turned aside and headed down the passageway. This way, perhaps, they could outflank their foes. It was not to be. As they proceeded down the corridor, they started to hear a faint whistling sound, and the dust around their feet began to stir impeccably. They pushed on. The whistling sound grew louder, and the dust began to move noticeably. They pushed on. Again, the whistling sound grew even louder, and the dust began to billow through the air. They pushed on.

Suddenly, something terrible—a roiling cloud of partly visible monstrous placidity was upon them. Kirk and Lee went mad. A brief volley of gunfire didn’t harm the thing. It fell upon and slew Kirk’s other hireling. Brave Doctor George was himself almost killed, but somehow dodged the final blow of one of the thing’s terrible tentacles. Knowing his death was near, George lit a stick of dynamite and hurled himself at the creature, shouting, “You’ll never take me alive!”. The resultant explosion set off George’s other four sticks of dynamite, killing Lee, Celeste and the heroic doctor. Only mad Kirk—who had fled up the passageway—survived the explosion. As the dust began to settle, the injured creature burst forth from the rubble and wreckage, raining down through the tunnel. Kirk died, terrified and insane, grovelling on the floor, trying to feign death...

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