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Into the Shadow Fane Expedition Map

Into the Shadow Fane Expedition Map

I love it when players go the extra mile and really “get into” the campaign world. It shows me that all the hard work of building a living, breathing world is paying off. It shows me that they view the game as more than just a series of vaguely related combat encounters. And it shows me they are getting into their character’s character.

I posted recently about a lovely expedition map one of players was making during the party’s exploration of Gloamhold’s outer reaches. Well that wasn't the first map he crafted.


This map pertain to sessions 005 - 014 of my Dark Adventures campaign in which the characters end up battling an evil cult lurking under the city. And all they set out to do was find a fisherfolk brave enough to sail across the bay to Gloamhold’s cursed and benighted halls!

Here’s a link to 005: Pub Crawling in the City to get you going:

005: Pub Crawling in the City
With all threats seemingly neutralised, the party made a final search of Sea Sprite before fashioning a raft from several of the ship’s doors. Piling the bodies of the dead sailors on the raft the party—along with the cabinboy Aake Seppo—climbed into their rowboat and returned to the Valerr.

That may seem a lot of sessions for what was essentially a short dungeon crawl, but we were only running two-hour online sessions over Zoom at the time. Proceedings also comprised an eventure which set up the adventure, and a nearly catastrophic encounter with a banshee!

Grab a copy of the map and take a read.