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July's Notebook

New month. New notebook. New pencil. Unrivalled excitement.

In perhaps the most appropriate pairing of a notebook and pencil to date, I give you July’s notebook and pencil combo.

If you are in any way familiar with Raging Swan Press’s books you’ll know I eschew “normal” cover designs and go for a clean and simple minimalist look. Hence the appropriateness of this notebook/pencil combo design and colour scheme (particularly in regards to our Pathfinder releases).

The notebook is a dot grid Field Notes Pitch Black pocket notebook. The pencil is a Blackwing Pearl. I love the simple design of both—I’m not a fan of excessive patterns or colours, and so these are perfect. I am a minimalist at heart.

The other great thing about the Field Notes Pitch Black notebooks is that they have a big dot grid brother (or sister). Behold:

While I don’t yet know what I’ll be doing with the larger book, I’m thinking it might make a great in-game notebook.I’ve used smaller pocket-sized notebooks as a player to keep track of NPCs, sketch maps and so on, but the pages are too small to map a dungeon—even on a two-page spread. I quite like the idea of keeping everything in one place—think of it as an adventurer’s diary or commonplace book, and this book is larger, but still portable.

It could also be the fell tome in which I jot down adventure ideas, new (to me) words, dark plots and more. It’s slightly larger than my Kindle and slightly smaller than an iPad Mini. It would easily fit in my gaming kit or Publisher About Town bag. It's looking like a great book to add to my rotation.

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