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Heraldry of Solonor Isle

Sometimes, as a designer, you get to have a bit of fun.

The design of Citadel on the Wilderlands continues apace!

In July, I’ll be turning my attention to the Monastery of Ineffable Evil—I’m going to let the manuscript for the citadel itself “sit” for a bit in my brain. I’m sure there’s more I can—and should—add but sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. A break from that subject is called for!

Before I go, though, I thought you’d like to see the heraldry for the isle. Matt Morrow has done me a couple of cracking images—the heraldry of Nemeton Citadel and the personal sigil of Family Lempinen.

The Sigil of Nemeton Citadel
The Sigil of Family Lempinen

Sometimes, as a designer, you get to have a bit of fun. I’m sure regular readers and those familiar with Raging Swan Press will spot the tremendously unsubtle Easter egg in these images. But how do I justify the sigil in the context of the world? You’ll have to wait and see!

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