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AtD 012: Decisions, Decisions

Hither and thither rushed our brave, but easily distracted, heroes...
AtD 012: Decisions, Decisions

Now safely behind the mausoleum, the party interrogated their hobgoblin captive. His name was Brok, and the party began enthusiastically questioning him once he had regained consciousness. The warrior was initially defiant but eventually broke under pressure (and some slight mutilation). He confirmed the goblins laired under the main building.

Fired up by this information, the party again approached the northern structure. Deciding to explore the dining room and the two doors leading away from it, they discovered—in short order—a ruined library replete with decayed books and sagging shelves, a walled courtyard garden set around a beautiful pool of clear water and a ruined kitchen. A pack of gigantic rats lurked in the kitchen, and the party gleefully slew the foul creatures. Several of the heroes sustained nasty bites in the process, but this did not deter them from continuing their assault on the ruin.

Deciding to change tack once again, the heroes retreated from the rooms they had explored and returned to the main doors of the ruin. As they prepared to enter the building, several of the heroes decided to examine the wildly overgrown garden to the west.

As the heroes advanced, goblins shot arrows at them from the three small tunnel entrances cut into the densely tangled mass of weeds and briars. This unexpected attack, and injuries to Ozloc and Saeldur, forced the heroes to retreat south and away from the building. Once safe, they began formulating a new plan to deal with this sudden threat.

However, the noise of their sudden retreat and hurried conversations brought a new threat to bear. A trio of hobgoblin archers appeared to the south and immediately shot at the intruders. Saeldur returned the favour and slew one of the enemy archers. The two survivors retreated out of sight, and the party advanced to the hobgoblins’ initial position—further away from the monastery they had decided to enter!