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Day Two: Still Bouncing Around

Today, I also decided I’ll be linking the adventure to the village of Thornhill.
Day Two: Still Bouncing Around

I’m still bouncing around.

On Monday, I put on 1,278 words (but a couple of hundred were cut and pasted from a previous book). I mainly worked on what I thought I’d work on except I didn’t do anything notable on the NPC bios for the vampire spawn or the dungeon’s main NPC.

Instead, I clarified my own thinking—and then wrote a sidebar—about the moral quandaries presented by the adventure. I think writing about them is important; they’ll inform my design in certain parts of the adventure and getting my thoughts down on paper seemed like a wise plan.

Today, I also decided I’ll be linking the adventure to the village of Thornhill. Thornhill lies in the Salt Mire which is itself part of Ashlar. The original version of Village Backdrop: Thornhill was, I think, the first Village Backdrop I wrote back in 2012. This module provides me with the opportunity to update the village and its surroundings. (In fact, the thought occurs to me that it might be fun to design an adventure for each of Ashlar’s villages.)

I’m writing this late on Monday. Tomorrow, as it stands, I have no set plan. I might work on the background of the adventure and make another attempt to start designing the vampire spawns’ bios. Linking them to villagers in Thornhill will further root the adventure in the setting and make the decisions personal—particularly if they meet the vampire spawns’ descendants in the village first.

In any event, I’m having fun and that’s the main thing for me regards this project. (Although it would be spiffing if the module turned out okay as well.)