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D&D Postcards for the Decorative Win

You'll note the cards I picked mostly betrayed my age...

Ages ago, I purchased a set of D&D postcards. It was an impulse buy, and when they turned up, I looked through them before putting them on the shelf and forgetting about them. I recently found them and decided I needed to do something with them.

I purchased a 15-card postcard frame from Ikea and set about choosing my favourite cards. (You'll note the cards I picked mostly betrayed my age...) Here’s the result:

All I have to do now is decide where to display it!

Wherever I put it up, though, it is bound to help with inspiration and productive game design--there are some classic images up there.

(And if you have the postcard set, what would you have chosen differently?)

As an aside, doing this has inspired me to do another run of Raging Swan Press postcards. I did a set before the pandemic, but I have lots of new art now (from the marvellous Matt Morrow). I clearly need a new set. Luckily, with services like Moo doing this kind of project is easy!

Watch this space.