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Citadel on the Wilderlands: Week Seven

The big news is that this week, I finished designing the major locales in the Village of Nemeton.
Citadel on the Wilderlands: Week Seven

This is my last status update of the year, as I’ll be taking a break from posting over the festive period. I’ll still be working on Citadel on the Wilderlands on the various non-holiday days between now and New Year, but otherwise, I’m not planning to do much!

The big news is that this week, I finished designing the major locales in the Village of Nemeton. I still have some of the significant NPC bios to design, and I haven’t yet thought about who “needs” a stat block. That’s for the future. I suspect I’ll get the major NPCs done this week and start exploratory design on the citadel.

On the citadel front, I’m not sure how much of it actually needs designing. Of course, some work must be done, but the characters are far more likely to be mooching around Nemeton or Bleakwater than the citadel. I’ll leave that in my mental microwave and see if it defrosts sometime this week.

The Counting of the Words

I continue slow and steady progress, managing at least 500 words every workday. Again, I didn’t do anything at the weekend—and that’s cool. Intentionally, I’m only working then if I feel like it and have the time. At this time of year—as I’m sure you know—time is in short supply!

Future Plans

I’ve been enjoying designing Nemeton, but I’ve started to get the hankering to design some humanoid lairs. This is good news as I have rather a lot of them to do. One of the key things in regard to the various dungeons/humanoid lairs is to make them different and flavoursome. Part of this comprises the physical layout of each dungeon, but I also want to make each tribe unique—a bit like Raging Swan Press's old TRIBES supplements did. I might start there and design an over of the tribe* before their home.

*By this, I mean designing their name, sigil, traditions, society and so on.

First Look Thursday

I’ll be posting another first look this week for Gameatory members. I like this process as it creates focus and “forces” me to complete a rudimentary first draft to share. I’m also getting a steady stream of good ideas and feedback in return. I hope you enjoy looking at my nascent designs; remember, I’m more than keen to get your opinion on the material I post here.

Got a Question?

Leave it in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer it or check out the citadel's FAQ:

Citadel on the Wilderlands: The FAQ
Since I started working on the Citadel on the Wilderlands I’ve received a constant dribble of questions about the project. I thought it wise, therefore, to create an FAQ.

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