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Chapel Hill

A mysterious ruin close to my house. If only it was at at the centre of mysterious doings!
Chapel Hill
Behold the chapel

I've posted some pictures recently on Raging Swan Press's Instagram and Facebook pages taken at Chapel Hill in Torquay. I live quite close to the mysterious ruin, and it has always intrigued me.

To me, it seems a prime adventure locale. Here are some pictures:

View from the bottom of the cliffs
Why the bars? Are they keeping something in or us out?
Why not work the floor? What did the builders not want to wake?

See what I mean?

To make it even more perfect, the chapel's origin and history are distinctly mysterious. (Read this local history PDF) Who built the chapel? When did they built it? Why did they build it? All remains unknown. Answer those questions, though, and you've got the background for an adventure or sidetrek.

I guess it goes back to what I was saying weeks ago: inspiration is everywhere.