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The Merchant of Coin

The Merchant of Coin deals in all manner of valuable things.
The Merchant of Coin

Nestled safely on Butcher's Row in old town this fine stone and wood building is a fixture of Dunstone’s mercantile and social life.

The Merchant of Coin deals in all manner of valuable things. Here can be traded gems, jewellery and other precious commodities. The Merchant of Coin offers many additional services to its clientele. For a small fee, customers can store their valuables in the vault buried beneath the building. They can also transfer their coin into more portable forms of wealth (for another small fee) or discretely borrow funds.

The Merchant of Coin maintains a small, velvet-curtained showroom wherein they sell fine items to Dunstone’s monied folk. Many of these items come from adventurers selling their hard-won loot while other objects come from storied Languard to the east.

Notable Folk

  • Hannes Joutsi (LN old male human fighter 2) works here as he has done for decades. He works hard to teach his beloved daughter all she needs to run the business. He is honest and wise, but growing increasingly jaded with the business’s day to day operation.
  • Aune Joutsi (LN female human fighter 2) enjoys her work and takes great pleasure in serving the community. She has big expansion plans; chief among them is luring a jeweller and gemcutter here from Languard to increase profits.

Adventure Hooks

  • Gotten Gains: Hannes Joutsi moves in diverse social circles. For adventurers, explorers and the like the Merchant of Coin serves as a convenient place to offload loot or to buy and sell gems, jewellery and other precious things.
  • Thief Thief! As the party are near the Merchant of Coin, they hear cries of, "Thief! Thief!" Moments later a nondescript man dashes passed the party chased by Aune. If the characters intervene, they could gain the Joutsi’s friendship.

The Merchant of Coin will appear in an updated version of Dunstone at some point in early 2022. Feel free to use the Merchant of Coin however you fancy, in the meantime.