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The Bloodstained Prince

The Bloodstained Prince

Crown Prince Ilasual Nenonen—the Bloodstained Prince—is a notorious figure in Ashlarian history. Pretender to the throne, Ilasual challenged his sister’s right to rule after the death of their father—Arndul Nenonen.

The Bloodstained Prince by Matt Morrow

When Arndul Nenonen died in NR 196 (380 years ago), the throne passed to his eldest child—his daughter, Aelliah Nenonen. Ilasual was a troubled, petulant child. His lust for power blinded him to all other things. The throne was his birthright. The prince gathered a like-minded collection of rogue adventurers, dissatisfied nobles and mercenaries to his banner and declared himself duke.

This was the Time of Two Crowns.

After a short, bloody war, Aelliah crushed Ilasual’s forces at the Battle of Selka River (fought to the north of present-day Ashford). Ilasual’s fate remains unknown. His body was not found among the dead, and he has not been seen since the battle. He is widely assumed to now be dead—either slain during the battle’s final moments or since fallen to time’s inevitable onslaught.

The Ballad of the Bloodstained Prince recounts Ilasual’s treachery and tells of his painful death in lurid detail. It remains a popular song in Ashlar’s taprooms, to this day. Several version of the song exist; singing the more seditious version which casts Ilasual in the role of a doomed, romantic prince is still punishable by death.