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Mon 32: Continuing Investigations

None could guess with any certainty how such a seasoned investigator had come to such an ignoble end...

The group chatted with Erica Carlyle until quite late before the wealthy heiress eventually, and unsubtly, called an end to their extended colloquy. The group’s cars were waiting, and after saying their goodbyes, the five were driven (circuitously and discreetly) back to their hotel.

It was then that George made a discovery. With senses and attention to detail honed by long archaeological digs, he noticed that some of his things had been subtly moved—as if someone had searched his room. When he drew the group’s attention to this, Ikil—his bodyguard senses tingling—realised the same thing. Luckily, or perhaps strangely, Ikil’s weaponry—even those deemed illegal in New York—had not been removed. Enquiries at the hotel’s front desk gained no new evidence, and thus the group had no choice but to let the matter lie—for now.

Lockheart’s Fate Revealed

The next morning, the early edition of the New York Times solved the mystery of Sebastian Lockheart’s disappearance. His body—badly beaten—had turned up on the banks of the Harlem river. Clearly, the hapless private investigator had stumbled into something from which he could not escape. None could guess with any certainty how such a seasoned investigator had come to such an ignoble end, but no doubt he had made some subtle—but important—mistake or misstep that had led to his death. What had he discovered? The group would never know.

Even though they had new leads to pursue, little could be accomplished over the weekend. Thus while some phone calls were made, nothing of import was learnt.

Miscellaneous Doings

On Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd of February, the investigators went about their doings. Their enquiries had been slowed by the weekend, but on Monday, Dr Dudley—with George’s help—managed to secure Doctor Huston’s notes on his sessions with Roger Carlyle while Jacob visit Lieutenant Poole to try to learn more about Captain Robson.

Doctor Huston’s note made troubling reading, and as Dudley shared his finding with his friends, one word, in particular, caught his interest—Nyarlathotep. Dr Dudley had seen that word before during the strange affair at the Washington farmhouse in the summer of 1923…

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