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MoN 036: London, Baby!

...for Charles, this trip was also a vacation and a chance to conduct some antiquing…

New York now seemed too hot for the investigators, so they decided it was a perfect time to head to London. There they hoped to find more clues about the Carlyle Expedition and why Jackson’s research had led to his murder.

Speaking with Carlton Ramsey, the group arranged that the lawyer would handle their reasonable expenses from Jackson’s fund. Carlton put them in contact with Jonah Kensington again as he knew he had spoken to Jackson after this fateful return from London. Kensington identified several people Jackson had reported speaking to in London—Mickey Mahoney, editor of The Scoop, and Inspector Barrington of Scotland Yard, who was investigating the Egyptian Murders—whatever they were!

With this final information, the party set sail on the 4th of March on the Laurentides of the White Star Line. Nine restful days later, on Friday the 13th, they were on a train from Southampton to London. 

Once in the teeming metropolis that was the capital city of the greatest empire the world had ever known, the group set about finding accommodation. Most of the group decided an anonymous bed and breakfast was the best place to lie low while they got the lay of the land. Charles Collings had other ideas; the wealthy businessman took a suite at the Savoy—for Charles, this trip was also a vacation and a chance to conduct some antiquing…

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