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AtD 046: Enter the Dragon

The battle now hung in the balance.
AtD 046: Enter the Dragon

With their preparations made there was nothing to do now but face the dragon.

Advancing heroically, the party rushed into the chamber. The dragon must have known they were coming as it caught Saeldur in a sudden burst of magma that erupted from the floor while it caught Balasar, Thonn and Gromm in its fiery breath. Balasar collapsed—badly burnt—while Thonn and Gromm endured the flames. Bodrum healed Balasar, but no sooner had he done so when much of the party were caught in a miasma of foul noxious gas.

Still, Gromm carried the fight to the dragon while Sir Ozloc teleported past the beast and reached the exit tunnel.

Harald, Thonn and Balasar now entered the fight. Thonn unleashed a barrage of blows on the dragon using his dragon slayer sword. His attacks were viciously effective and in a short, sharp exchange of blows the dragon suffered two serious injuries. Gromm also struck at the beast, knocking it over! The dragon had its revenge, viciously biting and clawing at its barbarous enemy.

By now the dragon had lured several of the party’s warriors into a lethal funnel. Again, it breathed fire. Balasar who had only recently rejoined the fight collapsed again as did Thonn—both suffered horrible burns. Harald fared much better, however, hiding behind his stalwart shield.

The battle now hung in the balance. While the dragon was injured, the heroes had expended most of their magical healing. The next few minutes would no doubt prove decisive…