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AtD 044: A Semi-Liquescent Nightmare

As Thonn ran screaming to the river to strip off his armour, his friends fought for their lives.
AtD 044: A Semi-Liquescent Nightmare

The party fell back into the chamber’s centre as the black, amorphous thing emerged from the chasm like a semi-liquescent nightmare. The thing struck Gromm several powerful blows as the heroic half-orc gave his friends time to retreat and prepare. As Thonn ran screaming to the river to strip off his armour, his friends fought for their lives.

Unleashing a barrage of missile weapons at the creature (later identified by Saeldur as a black pudding), the party dug deep and fought on. Their attacks began to tell and the creature—now suffering many wounds—split in two. Bodrum, called down his most powerful magics and destroyed both creatures. The party was saved.

A swift search of the chasm turned up no promising passages leading from the dungeon, and so the party plotted their next move. It seemed they had almost explored the entire labyrinth, and they resolved to finally clear the place of any threats.

Continuing their explorations, they discovered several uncharted (and empty) passageways and chambers. Rounding one corner, the party’s vanguard—Harald and Thonn—heard strange grunting sounds from a side passage. Leaping into action, the heroes burst into the cave to discover a strange scene.

They had discovered the troglodytes’ common room. Here lurked four of the beasts. Two writhed on the floor, engaged in some perverted act, while the others looked on. The party attacked, and although the troglodytes were swiftly slain, Balasar was almost ripped apart by two of the warriors, and both Harald and Thonn were badly injured fighting what they assumed to be the tribe’s chief.

With their enemies slain, the heroes searched the chamber. Initially, they found nothing of interest. Dismantling a makeshift throne, however, revealed an old locked coffer. After several attempts, Gromm managed to open the rusted coffer and discovered a small hoard of old gold and silver coins.

With the troglodytes slain, the party healed their wounds and prepared to continue their labyrinthine explorations. With heavy hearts, they realised that if they did not find a way out soon, they would have to face the dragon…