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AtD 038: Friends, Reunited

Gromm—bored of the bickering—slipped away to explore the southern corridor
AtD 038: Friends, Reunited

The party debated what to do next. Some of the heroes wanted to press on south while others wanted to rest—but couldn’t agree on where was safe. As the debate raged, Gromm—bored of the bickering—slipped away to explore the southern corridor. He discovered another cavern and a passageway leading to the east. As his friends realised he was missing, and called out loudly for the half-orc, he slipped into that passage.

Energised by their missing friend, the party surged south.

As they reached the passageway down which Gromm had slipped, a sound from behind the party alerted them to another danger. Luckily, this danger was revealed to be Saeldur, who had been tracking the party through the labyrinth after abseiling down from the goblin tunnels above. As the heroes greeted Saeldur, Gromm emerged from behind the party having discovered that one branch of the tunnel he explored returned to the darkmantles’ chamber.

Finally, the party was whole again. However, several of the heroes now greatly desired to rest. After a quick discussion, they headed back to the river to rest. This they did, but luck was not—again—with them. Twice as they rested, small groups of troglodytes assailed them—perhaps drawn by the noise of the party’s passage or their scent. Both bands of raiders were annihilated, but the party’s rest was ruined.

Thus, they retreated into the river and the small hollow they had discovered when last they rested. Here they snatched an hour’s rest and discussed their next move.

Eventually, it was decided to follow the river south and to deal with the kobolds. The party planned to slay the kobolds and take their lair for their own. With a safe base established, they could then explore the labyrinth, crush the troglodyte threat and find a way out of this subterranean hell.

With this plan in hand, the heroes waded out into the river and headed south. Cautiously approaching the kobolds’ assumed lair Saeldur—scouting ahead of the party—spotted six kobolds fishing on the ledge leading into their cave system. The party gathered itself and pounced. As most of the heroes unleashed deadly missile fire at the hapless kobolds—killing half of them in seconds—Thonn and Balasar rushed forward to melee the survivors…