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AtD 033: Heroes, Reunited

Lying crumpled on the floor below the chute—five broken arrows in his chest—lay fearless Ozloc.
AtD 033: Heroes, Reunited

With almost all the heroes injured, and magical healing resources perilously low, the party decided to rest on the ledge overlooking the subterranean river. Mercifully, they were undisturbed during this time, and after an hour, they were much rested. As they prepared to move out, a muffled bang echoed through the cavern’s labyrinthine tunnels. The bang sounded just like the pit trap opening.

Their curiosity piqued, the heroes crept back into the tunnels to see what—if anything—had fallen from the level above. Their curiosity paid off: lying crumpled on the floor below the chute—five broken arrows in his chest—lay fearless Ozloc. The heroes feared the worst. Balasar and Bodrum rushed to their fallen friend’s aid and made the startling discovery that their friend yet lived—barely.

Balasar’s healing magic brought the half-elf back from death, although Ozloc seemed dazed by his experience. Realising the half-elf needed time to gather himself, the party returned to the river bank to rest again. Their rest was again—mercifully—undisturbed, and Ozloc quickly regained his customary healthy and vitality. While he did so, he recounted his and Saeldur’s desperate search for a way down to their companions and of their last desperate fight against “at least 20 hobgoblins”. Saeldur’s fate remained unknown.

Meanwhile, Thonn had tried to reach the waterfall to the west. Even the half-orc’s incredible strength couldn’t forge a way through the turbulent waters, and eventually he was forced to admit defeat. Turning his attention to the east the restless half-orc explored the calmer waters downstream.

Followed by Harald—who feared for the impetuous half-orc’s safety—Thonn discovered several more dry ledges; a passageway pierced the back of the last such ledge. Thonn returned to the party, and the heroes plotted their next move. Clearly, even reaching the waterfall seemed impossible, never mind actually climbing it. Similarly, no one wanted to search the rest of the labyrinth. Thus, there was but one way forward.

Splashing into the cool and clear subterranean river, the party waded downstream.

As they approached the last of the ledges, Thonn had discovered Ozloc—his celestial vision easily piercing the darkness cloaking the rear of the ledge—spotted a small, scaled creature. It was a kobold, and Ozloc slew the beast with a well-placed blast of celestial magic. Moving forward to investigate the body, the party were assailed by two more kobolds, but these were swiftly slain. Looting the bodies revealed some tarnished coins and various odds and ends.

This brief search also revealed two hitherto unseen passageways leading away from the ledge. However, the party now believed that following the stream was the best course of action, and so they waded back into the river and continued onwards.