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AtD 031: Parting of the Ways (Above)

Again, caution was the duo’s watchword.
AtD 031: Parting of the Ways (Above)

With their friends fallen into the chute and the hobgoblins trading shots with them, Ozloc and Saeldur briefly retreated to plan their next move. Believing the barred passageway leading away from the stirge room might contain a way down to their friends, the duo crept to the east. Sadly, their investigation revealed nothing but a short passageway ending in a secret door which led to a known part of the dungeon.

Thus, the heroes decided they had to go south. Caution was the name of the game, though, and the two first armed themselves with several large bales of leather to block up the pit. This all took time, though, and when they returned to the pit they discovered more hobgoblins guarding the corridor. Saeldur’s archery forced the hobgoblins to retreat, which meant the heroes had to advance.

Again, caution was the duo’s watchword. Hammering spikes into the wall above the pit so they could at least attempt to flee that way, their progress was slow. Beyond the pit, they discovered a long passageway leading to the east. At the end of the corridor, a pair of double doors pierced the wall. The faint glow of a bonfire from beyond the doors illuminated the portals. Creeping forward, the duo explored a side passage and room—a common room of sorts—before discovering another passageway to the south. Two doors hinted at other areas to explore, and the duo decided to clear these areas before daring the double doors.

It was now over 20 minutes since they had lost contact with their friends…