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AtD 022: Battle, Joined

As they reached the end of the hall, an ogre lumbered into view.
AtD 022: Battle, Joined

With the orogs freed and the ogres slain, the party continued their cautious exploration of the monastery. Another empty room was found and comprehensively searched. With this completed, the party crept down a long corridor leading south. As they reached the end of the hall, an ogre lumbered into view. The stupid brute was surprised by the intruders and quickly died—cut down by the party’s warriors before it could injure anyone.

With this further victory under their belts, the party explored three more rooms to the west. In short order, they found an abandoned shrine dedicated to Braal, an empty room full of rubbish and a locked room which—once Gromm had picked the lock—was revealed to hold a vast supply of stores. Here were found weapons, armour, foodstuff and even barrels of wine. Ozloc salivated with desire to carry it all away, but even the redoubtable warlock couldn’t fit everything into his backpack.

Taking a few choice items—principally and cunningly—all the crossbow bolts so the crossbows stored here were useless, the party continued onwards. But one door remained to be explored.

Kicking open the door, however, the party’s exploration of the ruin came to a screeching halt. Beyond lay a massive guardroom garrisoned by a mixed band of goblins and hobgoblins. The guards had heard the party’s battle with the ogre and had prepared themselves for battle. As Thonn opened the door, the enemy warriors unleashed a veritable barrage of arrows. Thonn was injured, but this didn’t stop the party from surging into the room. A vicious melee broke out. Balasar was stabbed in the head by a hobgoblin, and several of the party’s warriors were injured as they charged forward.

One of the hobgoblins made a break for a door at the back of the room and quickly disappeared from sight. Ozloc, fearing more reinforcements were inbound, cloaked himself in invisibility and rushed through the room to reach the far door—to hold it against the tidal wave of expected defenders who would no doubt soon appear…