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AtD 019: Battle to the Undeath

Against the Darkness is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the Duchy of Ashlar--a mini-campaign setting from Raging Swan Press
AtD 019: Battle to the Undeath

As Thonn stepped on the skull the entire graven image tipped up like a seesaw and the redoubtable warrior was suddenly gone as he slid precipitously into whatever space lay below.

The warrior’s friends had little time to worry about their friend for out of the same gap hurtled terrifying insubstantial forms—spectres—hungry for the warmth and life force of those desecrating this ancient place.

Frenzied battle was joined. As the party’s warriors and clerics rushed forward things got even worse. The horrifying statue-things dotted around the room roused themselves to life, stepped down from their plinths and strode forward. One picked up the javelin held by the mummified skeleton on the throne and hurled it at Gromm and Harald (at which point it transformed into a bolt of lightning). Another of the mummified skeletons fixed Gromm with its terrifying gaze. The half-orc was petrified with fear, and only Harald’s desperate defence saved him from being beaten to death.

Meanwhile, both Balasar and Bodrum were suffering horribly at the spectres’ hands. Although Bodrum managed to banish one of the creatures the others grasped at the two clerics, grievously injuring both.

As the fighting swirled on, the party’s murderous missile fire took its toll—both Ozloc and Saeldur raining destruction down on the undead from the comparative safety of the other chamber.

For a few moments, the battle seemed to hang in the balance. However, although Bodrum was laid low and almost slain by a spectre the party were eventually triumphant.

Although the undead were destroyed, the party’s travails were not over. Bodrum lay on the floor near death, and of Thonn and the spectre banished by Borden’s holy radiance there was no sign…