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AtD 017 Rest, Recuperation & Recriminations

More was learned, as well, regarding Kildrak's escape.

The party gathered outside Castle Dunstone's gate and prepared to meet Lord Arvo. All—except for the goodly Harald Greycloak—were required to relinquish their weapons before being ushered into Arvo's presence.

Thus ensued a lengthy discussion with the lord. Arvo was angry at Kildrak's escape but seemed less inclined to mete out revenge on the mad dwarf's compatriots than he had earlier been. (It later transpired Gromm had earlier—bravely—met the lord alone and had come to an understanding regarding Kildrak's fate if he should come within arm's reach of the half-orc).

More was learned, as well, regarding Kildrak's escape. The party spoke with a witness—a wandering sellsword—who had seen Kildrak at the edge of Dunstone being chased by several burly thugs, and it was revealed a horse had been reported stolen from one of the outlying farms. Thus, it seemed Kildrak was no longer in Dunstone. Further investigation of the oubliette and the scene of the bloody slaughter revealed no more meaningful information except that somehow Kildrak had seemingly lured one or more guards into the oubliette before launching his escape.

With the immediate possibility of apprehending Kildrak gone, the party discussed their next move—as Kildrak could be almost anywhere in Ashlar by now. The heroes decided the party would split up: Saeldur would return to Wellswood and Don Galir there to meet Uncle Borrin, who had recently sent him a letter. Harald would travel to Tor Abbey to seek more information about Kildrak, who had served near there years ago, and to take vows in the Order of the Watch Eternal. Bodrum would head to Dulwich while Balasar investigated White Moon Cove. The balance of the party would remain in Dunstone and explore the possibility Kildrak was somehow involved with a rumoured nascent thieves' guild.

A week or so later, the party reconvened at the Dwarf's Folly to learn the good news that Balasar had uncovered more of the mad dwarf's fate. The wandering dragonborn cleric discovered an exhausted dwarf matching Kildrak's description had entered White Moon Cove the morning after escaping from Castle Dunstone. The dwarf had sold his horse and booked passage on, or perhaps joined the crew of, the only ocean-going vessel in the harbour.

The sleek galley vessel was named the Amma and was captained by Ambro Kontio. Many dark rumours clustered about that ship—notably that Ambro was a smuggler and that he had dealings with the pirates of Deksport, and that (ironically, as it turned out) one of his crew was a sea witch allegedly able to command the ocean to do her bidding.

A few fishermen who had witnessed the dwarf talking to Ambro related the dwarf and the captain had got on well. Both had shared a good laugh over an inept band of adventurers who the captain had recently cheated out of an incredibly expensive, perhaps magical, figurehead.

It further seemed Kildrak had joined the crew because when the Amma had put to sea later that day, the homicidal dwarf was aboard. The fishermen reported the Amma had headed west—probably for the Picaroon Peninsula—and that thus, for now, the dwarf probably lay beyond the party's reach.

(The Picaroon Peninsula is a wretched and chaotic hive of orcs, goblins and pirates; just the kind of place for Kildrak).

With this revelation, the party returned to plotting their next move. The goblin threat still lurked in the rugged western hills and the party—now fortified and recovered from their last adventure—were eager to return to the fray.