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April's Notebook is Dead

April’s notebook is dead. Long live May’s notebook!
April's Notebook is Dead

April’s notebook is dead. Long live May’s notebook!

As you might recall, I started a new Field Notes pocket notebook at the start of April. My grand plan was to go through the three-book Elements pack ending with the gold book in June.

Of course, my plan has changed.

Only a week into the new notebook it began to fall apart. (The notebook, not the plan). This surprised me as Field Notes are normally pretty resilient. One of the staples has popped loose and some of the pages have been hanging out of the book at a crazy—perhaps jaunty—angle. Perhaps it was user error. It’s been an exciting month.

So when I discovered a new brand of notebook made here in the UK you can imagine how swiftly I leapt at the chance to try them out. Waiting until May 1st has been hell.

Anyway, without further ado I give you May’s notebook(s):

You’ll notice, I’ve started two notebooks this month. Decadence and luxury are mine.

May's monthly book is a Wilder notebook. Wilder are a new UK-based notebook company based (I think) in Bristol. I love the minimalist design of their books, and I'm looking forward to trying one in May. The 48-page book has a lovely smooth graphite-coloured cover and a subtle dot grid interior. My Blackwing just glides across the page. It’s lovely paper. (Wilder do blank and lined notebooks as well, but my planning notebooks are always dot grid).

You can check out Wilder’s products here.

The other book—Secret Project Ravencrag—is a lined Story Supply book (available from the excellent Nero’s Notes). This isn’t a planning book as such—it’s more of an inspiration capture book. I've never used a Story Supply book before so I'm looking forward to hurling myself into it, pushing the envelope and seeing what that baby can do.

Secret Project Ravencrag

I’m not ready to talk about this project in detail yet. Sufficed to say, my inability to plan for the long-term has been on my mind of late.

I’m great at planning for the upcoming year, but less great at looking further out. This somewhat stymies my ability to complete large projects and to look at the wider, long-term Raging Swan Press picture. Secret Project Ravencrag is my experimental attempt to mitigate this.

More, at some point in the future…