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The Woman, the Jewellery and the Thugs

The Woman, the Jewellery and the Thugs

The characters are walking a slum's dingy streets when they encounter a strange sight. A woman—wealthy by her attire—is giving away jewellery from an ornate coffer.

A scrum of beggars and poor folk have gathered around her in a heaving mass of unwashed humanity. Pushing and shoving, they shout and scream for the woman's attention.

As the characters watch, a brace of surly thugs push through the throng toward the woman. One thug grabs the woman, threatens her and makes lewd comments. She struggles and drops the coffer containing the remaining jewellery. A brawl instantly breaks out as the beggars and poor folk fight to get at the now ownerless jewellery.

As the poor folk brawl, the thugs drag the struggling woman towards a nearby alley…

Questions for You to Answer

  1. Why is the woman giving away the jewellery?
  2. Is the jewellery hers?
  3. Do the thugs have friends who might revenge themselves on the party if they intervene?
  4. Are the thugs working for the woman's enemy?
  5. Is one of the pieces of jewellery special in some way and who has hired the thugs to retrieve it?