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I Hate Cables

I hate cables. I revel in cable management. It is my secret passion.

That’s why I was delighted to read this post by Basic Apple Guy:

Find a Single Cable. I Dare You. — Basic Apple Guy
Manage your cables or they’ll manage you. A lil look into how I cable manage my Mac Studio setup.

I particularly like the title, and his setup is beautiful.

For me, cables add visual clutter and noise, look untidy and detract from my focus and concentration. I hate cables. Obviously, cables are a necessary part of life—but that doesn’t mean I have to look at them all day. They can be expunged from my sight.

Having read the article linked above, I clearly need to go back and upgrade my cable management. While you can’t see any cables when you stand at my desk working, a quick look under the desk shows a relatively disorganised cable layout. I can do better. I want to do better. I must do better.

Sadly, I must hold myself in check. Family Broadhurst is entering a busy week or two, and the demands of Raging Swan Press ever-crowd in on my workday (as they should). However, by September, I should be able to spend some time merrily beavering away under my desk.

For now, I must content myself with a mini-project:

You’ve got to have a hobby.

Do you hate cables? Do you love cable management? Is this deeply sad? Let me know in the comments.