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Everything is Better with Tentacles

Behold the Dread Thingonomicon. A mighty 476-page tome from Raging Swan Press crammed full of System Neutral GM's Resources designed for virtually any fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

As you know by now, everything is better with tentacles. It's a basic fact of life. As you might also know, Raging Swan Press recently released the Dread Thingonomicon.

Dread Thingonomicon — Raging Swan Press
The Dread Thingonomicon: a mighty tome of System Neutral GM’s Resources designed for any fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

Since the book's release I haven't been 100% positive the book has enough tentacles. Naturally, I turned to Matt Morrow, so solve the problem. Behold:

Behold the Ebon Magnificence of a suitably be-tentacled Dread Thingonomicon!

I love this image. It's jaunty and sinister all at once and it shows the Dread Thingonomicon going about its unknowable and hideous doings.